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Biobío Regional Government and InvestChile sign agreement to attract foreign investment to the region

The agreement aims to draw attention to the Biobío Region’s attributes and the business opportunities for overseas companies.  


On Tuesday, the acting director of InvestChile, Juan Araya and the regional governor of the Biobío Region, Sergio Giacaman, signed a collaboration agreement under which the two institutions will work together to position, promote and attract foreign direct investment (FDI) in the Biobío Region.

The agreement’s main aim is to draw attention to the region’s attributes and the business opportunities it offers for overseas companies. In addition, it seeks to provide investors with opportune and high-quality information, connect the interests of potential foreign investors with activities in the region and equip it with an image and internationalization strategy for the attraction of FDI.

Regional Governor Sergio Giacaman explained that the agreement is in addition to the government’s reactivation plan for the region, which envisages over 4,000 million Chilean pesos in public and private investment. “Together with InvestChile, we are going to promote opportunities in our region internationally and attract new investors who can help us develop new initiatives that create more jobs and opportunities for the inhabitants of the Biobío Region,” said Giacaman.

The acting director of InvestChile, Juan Araya, added that it is important that the benefits of investment flows reach the different regions since “when we talk about foreign investment, we are talking about job creation, better labor practices, more sustainable projects, more technology and opportunities for SME suppliers.”

“The work we have been able to do with Biobío, and which this agreement consolidates, is a model we want to replicate in other regions and is designed so that the region itself builds, with our support, the bases of its capacity to promote and attract investment,” said Araya.