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Chile and Singapore, Investment opportunities and cooperation on Green Hydrogen (H2V)

07-07-2021 9:00 am Virtual event
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This webinar seeks to present the Chilean “National Green Hydrogen Strategy” to Singaporean investors, highlighting the range of possibilities and subsidies that the government of Chile offers to companies that want to invest in the development of this clean fuel. From a Singapore perspective, the webinar is an opportunity for the local business sector to be introduced to the study of the technical and commercial feasibility of supply routes of H2V from Chile and the Latin American region to Singapore’s markets, and further expand demand in Asian markets. Likewise, the virtual event aims to present to the Chilean business community and the professionals linked to the development of clean energy, the research and technological development being carried out in Singapore as well as the vision of the government to promote a green economy.



Vicente Pinto

Investment Commissioner Japan - Asia
+81 70 1391 3627