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Chile-Argentina Business Meeting attended by over 100 companies in Antofagasta

The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency offered a presentation about Chile’s business climate and practical aspects of how to invest there.

Over 100 companies participated in the Business Meeting of Northern Chile and Northwestern Argentina, an event focusing on the food industry, tourism and mining services that took place in the city of Antofagasta. The aim of the Meeting was to further strengthen integration between the two countries’ border regions through trade and a joint focus on Pacific and Asian markets.

“We want northwestern Argentina, northern Chile and southern Brazil to form one great economy that helps to diversify our production matrix and, particularly, to consolidate the commercial platform for exporting all the wealth of this part of the Southern Cone and our Latin America,” said the Governor of the Antofagasta Region, Valentín Volta.

Claudia Rojas, Governor of the Tarapacá Region, highlighted the importance of the initiative and the high attendance it had attracted, pointing out that “our focus is on boosting the north of Chile as regards what we can do with northwestern Argentina, such as projects to improve infrastructure and connectivity for intraregional trade and with Pacific and Asian markets.”

Miguel Ángel Issa, Vice-Governor of Argentina’s Salta Province, indicated that “these meetings are important fundamentally to boost trade, for our companies to work together and for there to be real economic growth.”

“Our government’s decision is put greater emphasis on promoting trade,” said Juan Carlos Abud, the Jujuy Province’s Minister of Economic Development.

Investment in Chile

Salvatore DiGiovanni, an investment attraction executive at the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, gave a presentation about Chile’s business climate and practical aspects of investing in the country, explaining the requirements for establishing a company and the different stages of the process.

He also talked about some of the new Agency’s services for foreign investors, inviting them to get in touch with its executives to resolve doubts or request support during the process of starting operations in Chile.

Source: Antofagasta Regional Government/Foreign Investment Promotion Agency.