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China-CELAC: Progress in the new cooperation roadmap that inserts LATAM in the “Belt and Road” initiative

Carlos Álvarez, InvestChile Director: “Chinese companies are in some degree entering in new areas and diversifying their interest in the Chilean economy.”

Santiago de Chile: The CHINA-Celac Forum began to set up a new roadmap for relations between China and Latin America and the Caribbean.

This is the second ministerial meeting within the framework of the CELAC-China Forum, where high-level government representatives, represented by the Foreign Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Chile and China, entrepreneurs and business executives, participate in order to open up opportunities to promote the boom in trade between China and Latin America, as well as promoting China’s investment in Chile and Latin America, as well as strengthening China’s presence and cooperation in the region.

The Forum and the bilateral meetings of  CHINA-Celac managed to begin to build the commitment to have a “roadmap of cooperation until 2021”, which also inserts Chile and Latin America in China’s Belt and Road initiative.

“We believe that this meeting has been a great success, it marks a new beginning, it is a handshake between Latin America and the Caribbean, and China, across the Pacific Ocean,” said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Likewise, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that it is necessary to “increase connectivity to create a market of two billion people and help create long-term development in this region.”

His Chilean counterpart, Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz, said that “China has said something that is very important, since it wants to be the most reliable partner in Latin America and the Caribbean, and that is something that we greatly value”.


New rhythm of Chinese investments in LATAM

Carlos Álvarez, director of the Investment Promotion Agency of Chile, InvestChile, said that China is strengthening commercial ties with some countries such as Chile. It is clear that the pace of Chinese investment is changing.
“Chinese companies are to a certain degree entering new areas, diversifying their interest in the Chilean economy, both in terms of acquisitions, as well as in the formation of projects, in energy, infrastructure, and other strategic sectors.”

It should be said that the diplomatic relations between China and Chile are lasting and safe. Currently, China is Chile’s main trading partner.


Source: CGTN



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