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Director of InvestChile receives Fundación Eurochile award

As part of the celebration of its anniversary, Fundación Eurochile presented an award to Carlos Álvarez V. for his contribution to public policies for Chile’s productive development and his work in strengthening relations and business between Chile and Europe.

On Tuesday, June 28, a ceremony was held to mark the 24th anniversary of Fundación Empresarial Eurochile. It was chaired by the Foundation’s President, Vicente Caruz, and attended by Environment Minister Marcelo Mena, Undersecretary for Foreign Relations Edgardo Riveros and diplomatic and business representatives from Chile and Europe.

At the ceremony, the Foundation also recognized two people for their contribution to economic ties between Chile and Europe. Carlos Álvarez, Director of the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (InvestChile), received one of the awards for his sustained collaboration in the country’s productive development over a career of more than 27 years. Since 1990, from government posts related to economic progress, Álvarez has contributed through the design, implementation and management of a series of programs in this field. The other award was presented to the President of Fundación Euroamérica and former European Commissioner for External Relations and Neighbourghood Policy, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, an Austrian diplomat with a distinguished career and a former Foreign Minister of her country.

“Chile and the European Union have a shared vision through which to continue to strengthen trade and investment. In this sense, the work of InvestChile has to do with the attraction of investment by companies which, without doubt, can contribute not only to job creation but also to the transfer of best practices, research and technologies, characteristics that are found in European companies,” said Álvarez, who also thanked the Foundation for its recognition of his career.

Fundación Empresarial Eurochile was created in 1993 as a joint initiative of the European Union and the state of Chile. Its mission is to promote and foster relations between Europe and Chile through support for small and mid-sized industries, collaboration, the development of networks and the transfer of knowledge and technologies.