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Foreign investment as of July 2023 reaches US$12.91 billion

7 September, 2023
  • According to InvestChile’s analysis, US$2.82 billion entered the country in July alone, a figure well above the 12-month average.

This morning, the Chilean Central Bank released foreign direct investment (FDI) data for January-July, when accumulated FDI flow reached US$12.91 billion.

According to InvestChile’s analysis, in July, FDI inflows totaled US$2.82 billion, a figure well above the 12-month average of US$1.73 billion and only 1% below the cumulative figure for January – July 2022, when foreign investment hit an eight-year high.  Similarly, the 2023 figure is the fourth highest in the last two decades (2003-2023).

The largest component in the accumulated FDI inflow was equity capital shares, at US$8.86 billion, followed by profit reinvestment at US$5.63 billion.  On the other hand, debt instruments recorded FDI outflows of US$1.58 billion as amortizations exceeded inflow.

Good news for foreign investment

InvestChile Director Karla Flores remarked on the figure, calling it clear proof that foreign companies’ interest and confidence in developing and expanding their projects in Chile remains strong.  Flores stressed that the country continues to offer attractive investment opportunities for foreign companies, which value the transparency, stability and talent Chile offers.

“In 2022, we had a record year for foreign investment, which posed a significant challenge for 2023.  The July figures show that we have reached inflows similar to last year’s, which is very good news.  It confirms the sustained dynamism of foreign investment in Chile and motivates the State to continue coordinating efforts to ensure foreign investment continues playing a key role in the country’s economic recovery and long-term development strategies, thereby contributing knowledge, technology, creating quality jobs and new opportunities for Chileans throughout the country,” said Flores.