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Foreign Investment Promotion Agency and SOFOFA sign agreement to boost investment in regions

Under the agreement, the two institutions will work together to facilitate visits of potential foreign investors. 

In a bid to boost promotion of the business opportunities Chile offers, the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (APIE) and Chile’s Manufacturers’ Association (SOFOFA) signed an unprecedented collaboration agreement this morning. The agreement, signed by APIE’s director, Vicente Mira, and SOFOFA’s president, Hermann von Mühlenbrock, will strengthen attraction of foreign investment to the different regions of Chile by incorporating the business association and its regional members in this task.

“In practical terms, this agreement will give us the support of SOFOFA’s network around the country which is vital so that potential investors’ meetings include the leading private-sector players in the regions. Moreover, as part of our new services of assistance to investors, we will have SOFOFA’s support for field visits,” pointed out Vicente Mira. “This is not only an excellent example of public-private collaboration but also a signal of how we want to do things at this new agency, bringing foreign investment closer to the sectors and regions where it is most needed and working together with the private sector which is, in the end, where the best business opportunities are,” he added.

Hermann von Mühlenbrock noted that “the attraction of foreign investment is one of the keys to increasing the country’s economic growth. In this sense, work in the regions is fundamental since this is where the big opportunities for investment and the development of new businesses are. SOFOFA is putting its network of contacts around the country at APIE’s disposal in order to boost its work and strengthen public-private collaboration in this field.”

Other activities

The agreement between APIE and SOFOFA also envisages the organization of workshops and seminars as well as an undertaking by APIE to put potential investors seeking local counterparts in touch with SOFOFA.

The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (APIE) is the new government body responsible for attracting investment to Chile, a task in which it has replaced the former Foreign Investment Committee.