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Foreign Investment Promotion Agency presents 2015 Public Report

Vicente Mira highlighted the key milestones achieved by the Foreign Investment Committee in 2015.

On March 22, the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (APIE) presented a Public Report on the principal tasks undertaken in 2015 by its predecessor, the Foreign Investment Committee (CIEChile). The presentation was headed by Vicente Mira, director of APIEthe body which, under Law N° 20.848 establishing a new institutional framework for foreign investment, is the legal successor of CIEChile.

Among the milestones of 2015, Mira highlighted the advisory services provided to 721 potential foreign investors from over 59 different countries and in 15 different sectors. “As compared to 2014, this represented an increase of 28.8% in the number of advisory services, 96.7% in the number of countries and 50% in the number of sectors,” he said.

He noted that, in 2015, CIEChile participated in over 45 activities in other countries, visiting 20 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania, as well as participating in seminars and events in different regions of Chile.

From the institutional perspective, Mira highlighted the agency’s participation in obtaining approval of Law N° 20.848, which was promulgated in June by President Michelle Bachelet, as well as the activities it undertook as part of the President’s visits to other countries.

He also congratulated the staff of the Foreign Investment Committee – now that of the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency – on their work and invited them to continue working to achieve the goals of the new institution. He concluded with a call to “work to promote Chile as an investment destination so that the benefits of foreign investment reach ever more Chileans”.