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InvestChile Public Report: Investment for US$5,300 million attracted in 2016-2017

  • The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency is consolidating a far-reaching institutional change and plans to open three offices overseas


The director of InvestChile, Carlos Álvarez, provided an account of the Agency’s activities in 2016-2017, during an event attended by Economy Minister Luis Felipe Céspedes and Undersecretary for Economy Natalia Piergentili.

During the presentation of InvestChile’s Public Report, Álvarez indicated that, during the period, materialized foreign direct investment reached US$5,300 million, corresponding to the arrival of 28 companies and generating 1,170 high-quality specialized jobs.

Minister Céspedes drew attention to the efforts of the different government bodies to expand their work as regards productivity and called on them to continue promoting foreign investment in Chile.

Álvarez indicated that, this year, InvestChile significantly strengthened its internal teams, enabling it to boost areas of development that are of great relevance for its operation.

The consolidation of InvestChile’s institutional framework has allowed it to advance with implementation of the Investment Promotion Plan based on sector-specific and geographical strategies that seek to significantly broaden the base of potential investors to be contacted.

Carlos Álvarez also announced that the Agency will soon be opening representation and investment attraction offices in Tokyo, San Francisco and Frankfurt as well as undertaking exploratory consultancy work in China and London.

Another milestone of 2016-2017 was the design, implementation and first results of the Agency’s new digital marketing strategy under which it launched its new website in April.

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