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InvestChile signs agreement with Magallanes Region to incentivize foreign investment in the area

The objective is to showcase regional attributes and business opportunities to foreign investors.

InvestChile Director, Andrés Rodríguez Rowe, and the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica Regional Governor, Jennifer Rojas, signed an agreement this morning in order to encourage the installation and/or expansion of foreign company projects in the area.  The agreement includes showcasing regional attributes and business opportunities, as well as providing foreign investors with the necessary information to connect their interests with what the region has to offer.

InvestChile will aid the Regional Government´s new Foreign Investment Promotion and Attraction Regional Unit with their action plan in order to attract projects that will have an impact on the region and strengthen the business environment and investment climate.

Regional Governor Rojas indicated that the agreement will enable InvestChile and the Magallanes Regional Government to work together to formulate a strategic plan for attracting investment to the region, to design communication tools and campaigns to attract investors, among others.

Rojas declared, “I want to thank the tremendous job that is being done together with InvestChile, which today has allowed us to materialize such an important collaborative agreement in benefit of the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica Region.”

The Director of InvestChile highlighted the importance of the collaborative work between the regional government and the agency since it allows them to provide a more defined offer to foreign investors while at the same time link the region to projects that are aligned with its development strategy.

“InvestChile´s job is to get foreign investors to reach all regions of the country, especially in these complex times when an extra boost is needed to thrust the economy and generate new jobs.  We want Magallanes to benefit from more sustainable projects, from more technology and more modern labor practices that come from global companies,” said Rodríguez.