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InvestChile and Mining Ministry hold mining investment seminar in Hong Kong

The seminar Opportunities and Mining Investment was inaugurated in the presence of Chile’s minister of mining, Aurora Williams, in Hong Kong. The event, held as part of the third ChileWeek in China, was attended by companies providing technology and services to the sector from China, Russia, Australia and the rest of Asia.

“The past, present and future of mining activity in Chile show the country as an attractive point of investment in the region not only in project development, but in search of quality inputs and services that drive the sector,” the mining minister said.

The local portfolio of mining investments comprise 47 initiatives, with an increase in total estimated investment of US$15,648 million compared to the previous register. “This indicates that in the next decade almost US$65,000 million will be invested in the sector,” she added.

“The great interest of investors is related to Chile’s solid institutions and recognized environment for mining businesses, whether it is to be present in the local market, or to take advantage of its position as an investment hub for the rest of the region,” said the director of InvestChile, Carlos Álvarez.

The head of InvestChile said that Hong Kong is an extremely relevant market given its position as a center of foreign direct investment (FDI) flows, in addition to being a dynamic and highly competitive economy, with particular strength in the field of services.

“Both the largest companies as well as emerging ones are established here and in this activity with the minister of mining we have the possibility of reinforcing the image and attributes of Chile as an investment destination,” he added.

In 2016 bilateral trade between Hong Kong and Chile reached almost US$180 million, according to figures from the Foreign Ministry’s Directorate of International Economic Relations (DIRECON). In addition, at the end of last year both economies signed a supplementary investment agreement, which complements the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) that has been in force since 2014.