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Launch of ChileWeek 2017: “Closer than ever”

The third version of ChileWeek 2017 was officially launched this morning. It will take place in China between August 29 and September 8 when the official delegation will visit six cities: Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Wuhan.

This year, ChileWeek will be seeking to build on 47 years of bilateral relations, drawing attention in China to the investment opportunities that Chile offers. At present, China is Chile’s principal trading partner and its leading buyer of copper, cherries and dried fruit.

Although Chinese investment in Chile has lagged behind bilateral trade, there are clear indications, including a portfolio of projects worth US$9,000 million, that this trend may be changing.

The director of InvestChile, Carlos Álvarez, reported that “an important number of Chinese companies are participating in tenders and concessions. In this context, what we are doing is to show them what is on offer, to take the key players to China and to provide them. Read More

More days, more cities

The key feature of this year’s ChileWeek is that it will reach more places, generate more contacts and be in cities that have not previously been visited by a Chilean delegation in order to build bridges and further deepen relations with Chile’s principal trading partner. For this reason, the slogan that has been chosen is “Closer than ever”.

The launch ceremony was attended by China’s ambassador to Chile, Li Baorong; Chile’s special ambassador for Asia-Pacific, former President Eduardo Frei; Mining Minister Aurora Williams; Energy Minister Andrés Rebolledo; Undersecretary for Agriculture Claudio Ternicier; Undersecretary for Transport Carlos Melo; the director general of the Foreign Ministry’s Directorate of International Economic Relations (DIRECON), Paulina Nazal; the director of ProChile, Alejandro Buvinic; the director of InvestChile, Carlos Álvarez; and representatives of other institutions that will form part of the delegation.

The delegation’s visit to the six Chinese cities will include over 50 activities and workshops related to mining, energy, infrastructure, transport and global services as well as visits to large Chinese companies.

Former President Eduardo Frei indicated that Chile’s good relations with Asia and China, in particular, are the fruit of constant efforts. He added that this Chile Week will serve to showcase the advantages and opportunities Chile offers as regards investment such as the lithium tender process in which Chinese companies have shown great interest and the Southern Optical Fiber Project as well as astronomical projects in the north of the country.

He called on the delegation, which includes representatives of both the public and private sectors, to strengthen Chile’s image as a solid country with clear rules that make no distinctions.

In this ChileWeek, the country will have the opportunity to position itself as “the bridge to South America”. A study prepared by Marca Chile found that Chinese businesspeople recognize Chile for its solid institutions as well as the quality of iconic products such as wine and fruit for export.

It also found that 85% of the Chinese businesspeople surveyed are interested in doing business with Chile as is reflected in the participation of Chinese companies in tenders in the mining, energy, technology and infrastructure sectors. (To read the study click here.)