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InvestChile workshops in ChileWeek attract more than 150 representatives of Chinese companies

The Chilean government provided information about investment opportunities in infrastructure, renewable energy, public transport and global services in the third version of the promotion event in China.

Beijing was the venue chosen to launch ChileWeek 2017, the third version of the event to promote Chile in China, which aims to continue to deepen social, economic and trade links between both nations.

As part of ChileWeek, InvestChile held three workshops on the business opportunities in different priority sectors that brought together more than 150 representatives of Chinese companies, both public and private, who showed great interest in finding out about the investment alternatives the country offers in infrastructure, energy and transport.

“It is key for the development of Chile to increase its efforts to deepen the excellent relationship with our main trade partner. Having a specialized presence to attract investment from China will allow us to strengthen our productive matrix, build bridges for joint businesses, through the provision of direct and relevant advice for the needs of Chinese investors,” said Carlos Álvarez, director of InvestChile.


High Level Workshops

Infrastructure: connectivity and development

The former President of the Republic, Eduardo Frei, in his position as plenipotentiary special ambassador for China and Asia, inaugurated the infrastructure workshop, presenting the advantages offered by Chile to investors in the Asian giant. Frei emphasized that the presence of Chinese conglomerates in Chile, above all in infrastructure, has positively encouraged investment in the country.

Meanwhile, the undersecretary of Public Works, Sergio Galilea, gave details of different projects that Chile offers and which represent concrete opportunities for potential foreign investors.

“They consist of tunnels, roads, bi-oceanic corridors and bridges, as well as other major infrastructure projects, where Chinese consortia could participate via concessions or direct purchases,” Galilea said.


Energy: non-conventional renewable and alternative sources

The workshop on Energy in Beijing generated high expectations and attendance. Investment opportunities mainly in non-conventional energy were presented at the event.

Two-thirds of all solar energy generated in Latin America is produced in Chile, and potential generation is even greater. There are large-scale power generation and transmission projects in which Chinese companies showed themselves open to participate in.


Transantiago: Metropolitan public transport

Led by the presentation of Chile’s Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Paola Tapia, the Transport workshop focused on the details of the tender for Transantiago, the Chilean capital’s public transport system.

“The technology of electric buses and lower emissions is relevant for this process. In this sense we see that Chinese companies have a lot to contribute, and we saw them actively participate in the last Transantiago Road Show in Chile,” minister Tapia told some 30 representatives of Chinese companies.


Global Services: export of services

The venue for this workshop was Shenzhen, one of the most technologically advanced cities in China, home to several high-tech global companies such as BYD and Huawei.

More than 30 senior executives from large and small technology and global services companies gathered here to discuss investment opportunities in Chile, such as the Internet of things, financial services, logistics, and technology for mining and other productive sectors.

Attendees referred to Chile as a country that gives them confidence and security to set up their businesses and requested formal and frequent channels of information to achieve a more active participation in the Chilean market.