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Wipro holds first IT Leaders Meeting in Santiago

13 April, 2018

The acting director of InvestChile, Ian Frederick, spoke at the meeting, highlighting the arrival to Chile of very sophisticated investments.

In line with its commitment to fostering the adoption of the latest technologies geared to the development of the digital transformation, Wipro, a global leader in information technologies and consulting and business processing services, held the first IT Leaders Meeting in the Santiago Business & Conference Center.

The meeting was chaired by Ankur Prakash, Vice-President, Manufacturing SBU and Ibero-America at Wipro, and speakers included the acting director of InvestChile, Ian Frederick, who talked about Chile’s advantages as a business hub and the opportunities it offers for companies that provide services globally.

“Over 60 multinationals have chosen Chile as a hub from which to export services to clients around the world and they include Wipro,” pointed out Ian Frederick, who also highlighted the advantages Chile offers in terms of specialized human capital, infrastructure, its entrepreneurship ecosystem, its trade agreements with tens of countries and the Visa Tech program, an initiative that allows companies to hire overseas technology experts.

“At InvestChile, we are working to boost the arrival of investments with a high level of sophistication,” added Frederick.

Ankur Prakash spoke about the development of the digital transformation in Latin America as well the growth and forefront position that characterize Chile as regards digital innovation.

“Chile is a market with great potential due to the important presence of global and regional companies with a strong focus on the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies geared to the digital transformation. Chile has been at the forefront in many aspects of innovation and Wipro is an ally of local companies for continuing along this path and developing new strategies and solutions that continue to position Chile in the eyes of the world,” said Prakash.

Wipro has had important operations in Chile for the past eight years – which have been a crucial pillar of its regional consolidation – and has extensive experience in different industries. It has 160,000 employees and is recognized around the world for its broad portfolio of services and its strong commitment to sustainability and corporate citizenship.