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InvestChile activities in Toronto and Vancouver culminate with the participation of over 70 Canadian companies

28 November, 2016

Together with the office of ProChile and the Chilean consulate in Vancouver, InvestChile organized meetings and seminars, focusing on the mining suppliers sector, in which representatives of Chilean companies also participated. 

In order to promote the opportunities Chile offers in the mining services, technologies and equipment sector, InvestChile organized a series of activities in Toronto and Vancouver, which were led by the Minister of Economy, Economic Development and Tourism, Felipe Céspedes. Other participants in the activities included Juan Carlos Olivares of the Association of Industrial Suppliers to the Mining Industry (APRIMIN), Fernando Bracco of Minnovex AG, Pedro Asenjo, head ofInvestChile’s Investment Promotion Division and Christoff Janse, InvestChile executive for Mining Investment Promotion. Representatives of over 70 Canadian companies attended the events in the two cities.

Activities in the capital of Ontario included the seminar “Investment Opportunities in Chile” at which speakers also included Alejandro Marisio, Chile’s ambassador to Canada, Juan Antonio Figueroa, ProChile director in Toronto,and Mauk Breukels, Vice-President of Investor Relations at Finning.

Speaking at the seminar, Minister Céspedes indicated that “we have much to learn from Canada, not only as regards its economy but also its social development.” He highlighted the business opportunities that Chile offers Canadian investors in strategic sectors and the role that foreign investment plays in the Chilean economy. “In the past, we have been very passive in attracting foreign investment and that is why, in this administration, we have visited different countries to show investors the work we are doing and the opportunities Chile offers for agreements that are beneficial for both parties,” he said.

In Toronto, the delegation also held meeting with the principal Canadian pension funds that have investments in Chile as well as meeting with the authorities of the Toronto Stock Exchange and the TSX Venture Exchange. Another important activity was a business lunch with the Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export (CAMESE) during which Canadian companies could exchange impressions with their Chilean counterparts.

Activities and visits in Vancouver

The activities continued in Vancouver where the InvestChile delegation and the representatives of the mining suppliers sector met with a number of Canadian companies that already have operations in Chile as well as with mining companies that are implementing new projects there.

The group, which was joined by the Chilean consul in Vancouver, Alejandro Gibbons, participated in a business breakfast organized jointly with the Canadian Council for the Americas and visited the technological centers of Finning and Teck.

InvestChile’s Pedro Asenjo pointed out that “Chile can serve as an excellent business platform for Canadian companies and that is why this visit is extremely important.” He added that there is room for the development of new business with Canadian companies and indicated that the agency will continue working with some of the companies with which meetings had been held with a view to the implementation of their investments in Chile.

It should be noted that, between 2009 and 2015, Canada was Chile’s fourth largest source of foreign direct investment, accounting for an inflow of US$7,277 million or 5% of total investment during that period.