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Some of the available incentives are granted by public institutions such as: the Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO), the National Training and Employment Service (SENCE), among others. InvestChile, as the FDI facilitation agency of the Government of Chile, will assist & walk you every step of the way.


1. Setup

Investment & Working Capital Guarantees

This program is intended to improve the access and funding conditions for companies developing an investment project or requiring working capital. Guarantees are granted to lending institutions by the Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO).


VAT exemption

Projects that involve an investment of at least US$ 5 million can apply for a tax credit with regards to capital goods imported.


Remote areas

Tax credit and grants for projects in Chile’s northernmost regions of Arica – Parinacota & Tarapacá, as well as the southernmost Chilean zones of Palena Province (Los Lagos Region), Aysén and Magallanes (Chilean Patagonia).



R&D Tax Incentive

It allows a reduction in the Income Tax of 35% of the investment in R&D, by tax credit (maximum of US$ 1 million). It also allows to consider the remaining 65% of R&D investment, as required expenses to deduct Income Tax.


Business Technological Innovation Programs

Subsidies for development related to Product or Processes Innovation (Prototypes) and

Innovation Validation & Packaging for amounts that range from US$90,000 to




Training Tax Franchise

It is an incentive for companies that invest in training their human capital, which is deducted from the amount to be paid from their taxes. The maximum annual amount is 1% of the taxable salaries paid by the company in the same period.



There are different initiatives in public-private partnerships available which focus on Information Technologies, global services, creative industries, language training, among others.