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Randstad and CIEChile organize talk on trends in human resources for Bilateral Chambers of Commerce

2 December, 2015

Together with the Foreign Investment Committee (CIEChile), Randstad, a human resource services company, organized a talk on Wages and HR Trends: Understanding the New Business Challenges to inform the principal executives of Chile’s Bilateral Chambers of Commerce about new tendencies in human capital and about wages by profession and industry.

The presentation, led by Rita González, CEO of Randstad Chile, addressed issues such as the leadership skills most valued by companies, the principal human capital challenges, the keys to retaining talent, turnover indices, the principal reasons for leaving an organization, the most effective and efficient sources of recruitment and how to manage change within companies as well as other topics that are key for strategic decision making in the management of the Chambers’ member companies.

Vanessa Séverin, head of investor services and aftercare at CIEChile, indicated that the report presented by the consultancy company provides information that is relevant for companies seeking to start operations in Chile. “We are highlighting the results of this study because it allows overseas companies operating in Chile to have a better understanding of the country’s labor market, particularly when taking decisions about human resources,” she said.

Those attending the talk also analyzed information about wages for different profiles of executives and the importance that remunerations have acquired as a reason for changing job as well as other issues such as international mobility and the impact the current economic situation has had on local companies.

The event was attended by Graciela Forani, general manager of the Chilean-Argentine Chamber; Alfred Budschitz, membership manager of the Chilean-British Chamber; María Delia Díaz, general manager of the Chilean-Mexican Chamber of Integration; Lucía González, head of human resources at the Chilean-German Chamber; Lara Buttice, general manager of the Chilean-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce; María Gabriela Vásquez, executive assistant at the Chilean-Polish Chamber of Commerce; Tatiana Molina, executive director of the Energy Business Council of the Chilean-North American Chamber;  and Marcela Reyes, commercial manager of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Chile.

Source: Randstad/CIEChile